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Learn all about house churches from our home church team. We'll train you for two-by-two house church planting like the apostles and the 70, or to raise up a church in your own home like the Gerasene demoniac and the Pentecost converts. We'll even teach you to train others in your house church family.

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Home Church TV equips and trains end time people for last days Christianity. From Bible study to outreach––we will show you how to worship and serve God in these closing days of earth's history. Our programming will prepare you and your family to bring people to Christ, so He can get you ready for the Kingdom of God. Check out our line up of Christian broadcasters with a Christ-centered message of hope for you.

Lyall Abbott

All Natural, All the Time

Lyall Abbott

Lyall Abbott can’t get enough of the Bible. Attracted to its heavenly author, he studies every day, alone and together with others. Over the years, he has acquired many skills and is especially interested in the meanings of Bible words.

Starting at a young age, Lyall also devoted himself to natural health and nutrition. A stateside medical missionary, he has helped people of all ages regain or establish a healthier lifestyle. On All Natural, All the Time, Lyall shares numerous health tips he has accumulated over the years so God can heal others physically as well as spiritually. He patterns his ministry after Jesus, who relieved human suffering in order to speak to them about their greater need for the Kingdom of God.

Hank Baver

Great Grandparenting

Hank Baven

Born in Allentown, PA and adopted by Drs. George and Faith Baver, Henry (“Hank”) Baver grew up 35 minutes from his birthplace in Pennsburg, PA. After attending small elementary and middle schools, Hank convinced his parents to send him to Valley Forge Military Academy in nearby Wayne, PA. Eventually Hank retired as a Captain from the United States Air Force. Following marriage to the daughter of a Vietnamese pastor, her adopted American parents led Hank to the LORD across a kitchen table.

Hank’s Christian journey took him through various churches and ministries––working with youth, teaching Bible, and leading prisoners to Christ. Today, he lives with his oldest daughter and her two youngest sons––in Suisun City, CA where he plans to raise up a house church for Jesus.

The Gugliottos

CuppaJ Cafe - Webstudy the Bible - Virtual Home Church

The Gugliottos

Jolynn is a gifted pastor’s wife with awesome people skills and a dazzling personality. Dr. Lee, a scholar with a pastor’s heart, has taught at several seminaries and was awarded a Gold Medallion by the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association for Handbook for Bible Study in 1996. They cofounded Empower Ministries in 2000 to bring people back to the Written and Living Word and have dedicated their lives to helping others develop a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

They began WebStudy the Bible to equip people, verse-by-verse for personal and group study. They opened CuppaJ Café to introduce others to the people, places, things and concepts of Bible texts, for personal study of those passages, later with Christ. Together, they “parent” Virtual Home Church, to bring New Covenant Worship to New Covenant people.

Dennis Herman

Advent Bible Study

Dennnis Herman

Dennis Herman has collected over 300 studies and learned more than 350 key words since he began studying the Bible on his own in 1980. He discovered that knowing the spiritual meaning of key words makes it easier to understand God’s Word, and learned in the process, a method that made more sense than anything he had seen before. As a result, he now practices a very simple rule––if the statement is not physically possible, then the text must have a spiritual meaning.

An engineer for over twenty-five years with a keen sense of detail and a desire to know how things work, he is especially attracted to the Parables of Jesus. Every Advent Bible Study program he hosts will point you to Christ and show the way to the Kingdom.

Allen Miller

Great Grandparenting

Peggy White

Brooklyn born Allen Miller was raised Jewish. Shuttling back and forth between his hometown and Miami Beach, Florida, he graduated from Miami Beach Senior High school in 1968. After studying police science and criminology for a year, he married in 1970 and joined the United States Air Force two years later. While stationed at Travis Air Force base in Fairfield California, he met his cohost Hank Baver, who led him to the LORD on July 4th 1974. Twenty years later, Allen retired from the Air Force and made a home for his family in Arkansas. Serving as a juvenile detention officer in Little Rock durring the early 90s, he worked with the gang bangers. Promoted to detective in 1999 with the Ward Police Department, he conducted cyber crime investigations such as fraud, scams, bullying, etc. He and his partner also worked child molestation plus other sexual crime and juvenile cases. Though he now handles frauds, scams and any crimes involving electronic devices such as texting, sexting, electronic frauds, etc., Allen continues to collect gang information and attend gang conferences. A spirit-filled Christian, years of front-line experience eminently qualifies Allen to work with troubled youth and dysfunctional families.