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Serving, building or planting house churches for Jesus takes a lot of training. You’ll find it all here. We'll show you step-by-step how to study the Bible, start a church in your home, or raise up churches for Christ in the homes of others. We’ll even teach you how to pastor, worship, and witness with your own home church family.

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We can help you to launch or love a biblical, home congregation

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8:30 AM, PT CuppaJ Cafe with Dr Lee. 6 PM, PT GreatGrandParenting with Allen and Lyall. Just click on it and download the newsletter for informative end time thoughts and news. To download past newsletters from our archives, go to and click on archives. Share God's kindness with us = Let us share God's kindness with you.

DEC 05, 2019

We add a new Prayer Request button to our Watch TV Live page. Our study and fellowship groups have an incredible track record for answered prayer. Share God's kindness with us. Click on the button and leave us a prayer request. Tell us what happened when God answered it!

DEC 05, 2019

We asked Christian World Media to install a countdown clock on our website and a link that describes all our programs. We began uploading documents for our viewers and instructed them how to use the Bible tab for easy viewing of scripture texts. Attendance skyrocketed. After technical difficulties limited us to 49, we ended November with 302 viewers.

OCT 11, 2019

GoToMeeting has upgraded our service.You may notice a diference in the quality of our broadcasts. GoToMeeting brings improved sound and high-definition video to our meetings. In addition to Facebook we now have a live feed to YouTube TV. Hope you enjoy the upgrades.

APRIL 1, 2013

34 years ago, Hank Baver led Alan Miller to the LORD when they served together in the United States Air Force. Today, Alan is a police detective in Arkansas with vast juvenile and dysfunctional family experience. We are happy to report that he has accepted an offer from Hank to cohost Great GrandParenting with him. A popular guest host, Hank's audience really likes the idea.

MARCH 14, 2013

After several months of webcasting, Hank Baver hosts Great GrandParenting over Home Church TV. With the help of Allen Miller, Hank has built a regular audience. More people attend their program thn any other on homechurchtv.

FEBRUARY 15, 2013

A meeting with the EmpowermenTeam leads to further prayer and study on house church strategies. We come up with three approaches: (1) turn around the institutional church (Jer. 29:4-7); (2) start a house church in your own home (Lk. 8:38, 39); and (3) go 2 by 2 to raise up house churches in other homes (Lk. 9:1-6; 10:1-12). We explore ways to equip and train people to follow these guidelines.

JANUARY 31, 2013

Up to 500 viewing stations in 50 states and Canada plus 22 foreign countries watch our programs. People usually sign up for official chats during broadcasts. Lyall Abbott and Laura Glover monitor live shows to interact with chatters during worship services, the LORD's Supper, and various other programs.